About Us

Knowledge Master UK Ltd was established in 2006 as a software company. While we are still serving as a software company, in 2020, we began to think about ways that we as a company could contribute to the worldwide effort to save our planet. As a nation, we are all familiar with how important recycling is and know that we all do our best to recycle where we can. Which got us thinking, how can we help make sure all our combined efforts don't go to waste? So, we decided to focus on aluminium recycling, hoping that we can do something good for our community and which will benefit future generations.

We are very passionate about recycling. We want to inform, educate and help people understand how to recycle aluminium foil food containers correctly to avoid contamination. Our aim is to procure and recycle as many of these containers as we can get hold of to help the environment.

Knowledge Master UK Ltd.
Company number: 05753695
Registered in England.
VAT number: 882 317610